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Cognitive Interviewing

     In 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice adopted the Cognitive Interviewing technique as the standard for interviewing victims and witnesses for Eyewitness Evidence collection. The technique is endorsed by the Force Science Institute as the standard for interviewing law enforcement officers involved in a "use of force" incident. The technique was expanded for use to get detailed statements from suspects.

     Our senses detect 70-80% of the activity in our presence, but we are only able to consciously recall 10-20% and significantly less following a traumatic incident. Cognitive Interviewing is the most powerful information retrieval technique developed by psychotherapist to help accurately and truthfully retrieve most of the activity captured by our senses during a traumatic incident.

     Developed by Dr. Ed Gieselman and Dr. Ron Fisher. Curriculum endorsed by Dr. Ed Gieselman and taught by exceptional criminal interviewer and interviewing instructor retired Senior Special Agent Mary Daugherty. 

3-Day Cognitive Interviewing Course
Detailed Course Description

Curriculum also included in the
5-Day Analytic Interviewing Course


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