Managing Emotions: Your and Theirs (LEO)

1.5 Hours Credit $20

Prerequisite: None


Learn how to use an expanded emotional vocabulary to manage your emotions and stress. Then learn how to manage the emotions of others, strengthen your relationships and prevent unintended consequences from emotionally charged decision-making. This is an amazing and powerful rapport-building skill that will benefit all your interactions, personal and professional.



· Practice developing your emotional vocabulary.

· Practice managing your emotions to enhance coping skills and

  reduce stress.

· Quickly manage the emotions of others.


The Face Speaks Louder Than Words: Let Micro-expressions Be Your Guide (LEO)

1.0 Hours Credit $15

Used by the best interviewers in the world, micro-expressions help guide their questioning strategies. Micro-expressions are involuntary emotions on the face that last between 1/25th and 1/2 of a second. Learn how to read micro-expressions lasting only 1/5th of a second. That is the blink of an eye.  Learn how identifying micro-expressions will benefit all your interactions and strengthen your relationships, personal and professional.
Learn how to better identify emotions in the face.
Learn what micro-expressions are actually revealing.
Train how to read emotional reactions lasting 1/5th of a second.
Learn what to do when you see a micro-expression.

Facial Expressions Picture.jpg