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Mary Daugherty

Senior Special Agent (ret.)

Your lead instructor for this training is Truth Wizard and retired Senior Federal Agent Mary Daugherty. Agent Daugherty is one of the only instructors in the world that instructs the Analytic Interviewing technique, Cognitive interviewing technique, and reading micro-expressions. She has literally mastered every known skill set for interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects.
Agent Daugherty started her career as an arson and explosives investigator with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, better known as A.T.F.
During her career, she worked undercover investigating and infiltrating the most violent and dangerous criminal organizations in Texas. Including: the Jamaican posse street gang, Chinese organized crime, the Bandido motorcycle gang, the Texas Syndicate, the Mexican Mafia and the list goes on and on. In a single 18-month investigation, she and her female partner purchased illegal weapons and drugs from violent convicted felons involved in a major criminal organization resulting in 140 felony charges. With an incredible 100% conviction rate.
Agent Daugherty was involved in various roles of the investigation leading to the lawful execution of a Federal search warrant on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas; the subsequent ambush and shootout; and the removal of the first children from the compound during the standoff.
During her career, she was a crisis negotiator for a Federal Special Operations Response Team.
Agent Daugherty spent 24 years interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects in major investigations. She worked with the Texas Rangers and law enforcement agencies throughout Texas.
During the last 20 years of her career with ATF, Agent Daugherty periodically taught select law enforcement investigators in interviewing techniques and Undercover School. An excellent instructor, Agent Daugherty has trained thousands of law enforcement officers during her career.
Agent Daugherty finished her career as an ATF Intelligence Officer attached to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. Unfortunately, parts of Agent Daugherty’s biography is still classified as top secret by the U.S. Government.

Tab W. Cooper

Tab W. Cooper is quickly becoming recognized for his skills-based approach to modifying participant behavior to enhance a wide range of interpersonal skills, personally and professionally.
Tab is a veteran law enforcement officer with 20 years of experience.
He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and Police Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Tab also completed 36 hours of post-graduate work in management, communication studies and business communication.
Tab trained with renowned counseling psychologist Dr. Stephen Sampson learning to teach social and emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication skills.
He continued his professional development as a Business Communication lecturer at Sam Houston State University in 2006. Tab taught a variety of business communication courses during his seven years with the College of Business
Administration applying his experience, advanced training, research and extensive post-graduate education in the fields of management, leadership, communication studies, business communication and counseling psychology.
Tab has published a number of research articles in police and academic journals.
Tab is a certified instructor by the Institute of Analytic Interviewing and has made highly significant contributions toward enhancing Analytic Interviewing. This included conducting numerous interviews with four Truth Wizards to better understand how they are able to detect deception almost 100% of the time, solidifying the structure to accelerate your learning curve, and to teach how to become a Truth Wizard.

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